Transgender Facial Feminization Surgery –MTF Guide

Transgender individuals who intend to transform from male to female face can undergo facial feminization surgery after 18 years of age.Any transgender in good mental health, stable psychological condition with multiple consultations with endocrinologist, psychiatrist and finally FFS surgeon can go for Feminization surgery.
Facial feminization starts with initial consultation with your facial feminization surgeon where your surgeon will ask you about your general and mental health condition,Hormonal replacement therapy(HRT ) and also any history of bleeding disorders,heart,kidney or liver disorders.This is because if an individual have prominent medical disorders surgery is differed as its not safe to undergo with underlying unstable medical conditions, Your surgeon will also ask you about history of alcohol intake, smoking history and also any use of anti depressant medications. Family history is also very important part of your initial consulatation.Once your detailed history is taken, your surgeon will ask you for CT or radiographs as needed of face and also take your photographs in different views .Once this is done your surgeon will explain you various facial feminization surgery procedures you may be requiring or sometimes asks the transwomen what FFS procedures needed. Your FFS surgeon will explain in detail the pre surgery preparations such as blood works that needs to be done and also presurgery instructions such as quiting alcohol/smoking some days before your FFS and also on your food /liquid intake that needs to be stopped at least 6 to 8 hours before your ffs.You will be also explained about the anesthesia used if its local anesthesia or general, outcome of your Facial Feminization surgery,risks,complications ,cost,recovery and outcome of your surgery in detail.You will also be explained about post op care,follow-ups etc.You need to sign an informed consent form that mentions about the anesthesia being used,type of ffs ,complications associated with your surgery(Intraop and post op).
As many of of Dr Pentyalas are overseas patients and cant come down for personal consulatations,we ask them to send their photographs via email/whatsap and can do skype consulatations and book for their Facial Feminization Surgery.We advise all our overseas patients to stay for a week to 10 days in Bangalore India after their FFS after which they can travel back to their home country.We provide all our overseas patients with Airport pick up from Bangalore International airport to our clinic,accommodation for 10 days,post op care each day during your stay and also airport drop ,All of these would be charged separately.We will do our best and make you comfortable during your post op stay here in Bangalore India.For more details on booking an FFS surgery date ,you can visit our contact us page or whatsapp DR Pentyalas on his phone number + 91 9901349691.

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