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Facial Feminization Surgery: Recover With Ease

For those who aren’t aware of what facial feminization surgery is all about, just think of it in this way. You have facial features which resemble that of a male and you want to appear more feminine. All you need is for your features to transform into that of a regular woman. Well, facial feminization surgery, or FFS, can make that happen. This type of surgery is most commonly opted for by transgendered individuals. However, a large number of women are also going in for FFS to enhance their femininity and appear more attractive in the eyes of the general public.
This is one of the more complex cosmetic surgery procedures and before you opt for such a surgery, you need to have a proper consultation with an experienced and reputed surgeon. Try Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery, a premier cosmetic surgery practice, if you would like to obtain top-notch results at the end of your surgery.
How long does it take to see the results of such a surgery?
Generally, you will be able to observe the results of your facial feminization surgery immediately after the surgery is completed. But these results are not conclusive and you will have to wait for a period of approximately 3 months before the swelling goes down and full healing takes place. Only after this, you will be able to observe the final results of your surgery.
What do you need to know about the recovery process?
The first few days post-surgery are the most difficult for every patient and your face will probably sport a rainbow of bruises. But don’t fret. It usually takes about a week before your face starts to heal effectively. At Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery, we offer all the support required to help you heal quickly and painlessly.
Facial feminization surgery recovery time is different for each patient depending on his or her previous medical history and whether all the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon are followed properly. After the surgery is completed, the patient is required to stay in the hospital for a night.
The face is usually wrapped up in bandages to bring down the swelling that occurs; and these bandages have to remain undisturbed for at least a week. Pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed to ensure the comfort of the patient. After the incisions are cleaned, antibacterial ointment has to be applied without fail.
You might find that it is a bit difficult to bite and chew particularly hard foods during the facial feminization surgery recovery time. So, it is best to consume soft food, like puddings, milk shakes, soups, yoghurt and scrambled eggs. Remember, you absolutely cannot consume any alcoholic beverage. It will affect the healing and outcome.
We have observed most patients can start doing regular activities around the house after about 10 days. But, it will generally take about 2-3 weeks before you are able to resume your professional work.
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At Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery, our main aim is to help you get the features that you’ve been dreaming of and at minimum discomfort to yourself. So, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation with one of our premier cosmetic surgeons and he will answer your questions and clear the doubts you may have.

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