Choosing the Best FFS Surgeon

Facial Feminization Surgery is a highly sensitive process, both clinically and emotionally. However, it aims to offer a more feminine face to transgender who are affected by late release of pubertal testosterone and consequently have masculine shapes. Facial bone reconstruction and soft tissue balancing along with several important steps in a FFS process require high precision surgeons. However, Facial Feminization Surgeons should also preferably have a sensitive approach to handling patients who are opting for a change that would transform their lives forever.

Choosing an FFS surgeon is a complicated process and you need to ensure several things to guarantee the best results for the patient. At Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery, we guide you to make this choice look simple.

Level of professionalism

As cosmetic surgeons, doctors should be highly discreet about their patient records. For the patient, this is a sensitive step and many patients demands that it is carried out in a way that few would be aware of the transformation. In most cases in India, patients look for a complete new identity after an FFS surgery. So it is vital, that no information is shared without the permission of the patient at any point in their career. Surgeons at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery are bound by a strict confidential agreement and you can expect full co-operation from them.

Knowledge and suggestions

The first step in an FFS procedure is to have a couple of sessions with the surgeon and understand his/her suggestions about the variety of minor and major enhancement surgeries that need to be done. Working with a doctor who has the right amount of knowledge doesn’t just guarantee a good result in the end but you invariably feel more comfortable choosing his/her skills and experience for your transformation.

The best Facial Feminization Surgery doctors at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery also use a variety of software tools that simulate the changes and showcase a digital makeover before starting with the actual procedure. You will be given the option to choose among the set of procedures that would generally include facial bone reconstruction, osteoplastic surgery, brow lifts, face lifts, neck lift, scalp advancement, cheek augmentation, nasal tip enhancement, frontal bossing reduction, temporal lifts, jaw contouring, lip enhancement, chin reshaping and various dermal fillers. Before beginning your FFS, having a discussion with the surgeons at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery will help you understand the procedure better and make you well prepared.

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