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DR.PENTYALA – Chief Facial Feminization Surgeon & CRANIOFACIAL SURGEON

Dr. Pentyala based in Bangalore India with a decade of experience & expertise in head & neck cosmetic and reconstructive procedures is one of the first surgeon in India to start the facial feminization surgery. Dr. Pentyala trained with best cosmetic, plastic, facial, Rhinoplasty & hair transplant surgeons in United Kingdom, United States & republic of Korea. His extensive knowledge in head and neck anatomy and dealing with the soft& hard tissues of face & neck had made him one of the best in the field of facial plastic cosmetic surgery in India. Dr. Pentyala is one among the few facial Feminization doctors in the world who all types of facial feminizing Surgeries.
In addition to his surgical practice he is international guest speaker at many international workshops and conferences. To name a few, facial plastic association, Asian cosmetic surgery society and British maxillofacial surgery.

Aesthetic surgery – 2012 & Beyond Nanjing, China – International Guest Speaker

 *BAOMS ( British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons) 2014, Edinburgha,Scotland- International faculty & Master class tutor”Hair Transplant Surgery” “The Way I Do It”

*19th International Rhinoplasty Workshop,Asia Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Congress, 2nd International Face Symposium – Seoul 2015 “ Facial Feminization Surgery in Transgender Women “. Invited International Speaker

*20th International Rhinoplasty Workshop & Ageing Face Symposium 2016 Seoul , South Korea – Guest Speaker “ Asian Rhinoplasty My Experience”

*21st International Rhinoplasty Workshop Seoul 2018 as International Guest Speaker “ Nose Feminization in  Transexual Women .

*Masters Symposium on Facial Rejuvenation & Korean Cosmetic Medicines Seoul 2018 as Guest Speaker “ Facial Bone Contouring Techniques”

       22nd  International Rhinoplasty Workshop, Seoul 2019 International Guest Speaker “My Long Term Experience in Asian Rhinoplasty”.

* Rhinoplasty Master Class Manila , Philippines 2019 as Guest Speaker “ Nose Feminization in MTF FFS (Transwomen)

PPAIFI 8th Annual International Convention Quezon City, Philippines 2019 as Faculty & Speaker “ Male to Female Facial Transformation in Transgender Women

*Rhinoplasty Master Class – Makati, Philippines 2020 as Guest Speaker “ Reduction Rhinoplasty

*International Congress of  Korean Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgery Seoul 2020 as guest speaker “ Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in MTF FFS individuals

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