Miss Trans Queen 2017

Miss Trans Queen 2017 India After Facial Feminization Surgery

Ngangom Eliza is from Imphal,Manipur State of India.Eliza is model,beautician,makeup artist,and a judge for MR&Miss Northeast India 2018,beauty queen contest 2018,Miss&Mrs India costume designer 2019, a winner of 2003 All Manipur Trans Beauty Contest,Winner of great Indian film production at delhi and a Miss Transqueen 2017 India Peagent.She was also appointed as Embassodor by election commission of Maipur to bring awareness among voters to vote.Eliza is a beautifu and successfull transwomen but always felt she could look more Feminine and met dr pentyalas at his cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore,India.Dr pentyala discussed with Eliza the options of looking more feminine.Dr pentyalas explained in detail the various Facial Feminization Surgeries Eliza could go with to achieve feminine face.Hair line advancement,Forehead bone contouring,Rhinoplasty,Upper liplift,Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty,Masseter muscle reduction,Mandibular angle reduction,chin contouring were theMTF FFS procedures advised by dr pentyalas.
After Eliza had the above Facial Feminization Surgeries ,Eliza was thrilled by her results.Eliza was so appreciative and thankful to dr pentyalas to see the facial transformation from masculine male to Female face.Eliza is now very famous and celebrity among Trans women community in India .

Dr Pentyalas Patient,Eliza in miss trans queen 2017 India

Miss Transqueen 2017
Miss Transqueen 2017

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