Facial Feminization in South America

Facial Feminization in South America:

Facial Feminization Surgery: Changing the World One Face at a Time

As reported in The New York times, Osmel Sousa, the in-charge of the Miss Venezuela pageant, said surgical enhancements are a necessity if a person wants to be perceived as beautiful. This claim made by Osmel Sousa gives the statement – “Beauty is skin deep” – a whole new meaning. However, Sousa is not far from the truth. He has just enunciated what many of us are afraid to express. This also shows that South Americans are embracing beauty and are not averse to going under the scalpel to look more feminine and beautiful. This is the reason facial feminization surgery in South America is a rage along with other cosmetic enhancements.

Being More Feminine
A woman is suppose to look delicate and feminine. At least that is what society dictates and most of us accept it without a question. But what happens when a woman has masculine features or a man wants to undergo sex reassignment surgery? Should such individuals keep quiet and suffer in silence? Well, if you believe these people have no alternative but accept their fate, you are wrong.

Today, cosmetic surgery has advanced sufficiently to offer unique procedures to accomplish the impossible. A so-called ugly person can be made to look beautiful; and a manly-looking woman can easily look more feminine.

Facial feminization offers a solution to anyone who wants to get womanly features or temper down masculine-looking features. And, South America definitely is one of the most popular destinations for such procedures, as cosmetic procedures are considered fashionable here. Several nations, in particular Venezuela, are obsessed with physical beauty and it goes all the way back to the 1970s and 1980s when the region was plagued by economic downturn, which dented the people’s confidence. However, the saving grace during those trying times was beauty queens, who were winning on the international stage.

Femininity Equals Beauty
Most people often equate beauty with soft, delicate feminine features. And, those women, transgendered individuals or transsexuals who don’t have feminine and womanly features opt for facial feminization surgery in South America to easily integrate in a society obsessed with beauty.

Facial feminization surgery (FFS), which is a group of cosmetic procedures, can actually transform manly-looking features and make them more womanly. Pouting lips, curved and contoured forehead, curved cheekbones to give a fuller facial appearance, narrow jaws and pointed curved chin are all part and parcel of looking womanly and beautiful. Today, this can be achieved with a single stage or multiple-stage facial feminization surgery in South America.

Crème de la Crème
As there is a huge demand for FFS in South America, it goes without saying the cosmetic surgeons in the region are some of the best. The affordable procedures also attract people from other parts of the world, especially the U.S.

With state-of-the-art equipment and devices, hygienic and clean clinics, affordable prices and skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons, the temptation is too great to resist.

    Facial feminization surgery in South America is here to stay and it definitely has had a profound effect on the lives of several women and other individuals who want to climb the zenith of femininity and come away feeling good about themselves.

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