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We are the FFS Pioneers
Facial Feminization Surgery at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery will provide patients with personalized plans so that they achieve a feminine look without any kind of complexities or fear of awful FFS results. When a patient expresses her thoughts and experience with our experts regarding her non feminine facial aspects, we make it a point to understand every minute detail about the patient, including the lifestyle, aesthetic desires, time frame in hand, and other important aspects.
Having a meaningful discussion with the patient is one of the primary roles in achieving the target through FFS. It helps our team to develop a plan so that it fits the needs of the patient. At Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery, you need not hesitate while asking any queries to our medical experts. Our friendly approach will definitely make you feel comfortable with us.
Our performance at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery
The primary expertise of surgeons at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery is FFS. It is directed and founded by Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala, and our proficient team has gained success in FFS across numerous patients till date. We have dealt with minor to complex cases during our successful tenure. Our success stories in the field of FFS has pulled the attention of many expert personalities of the health care segment, and so our surgeons are always invited to seminars and health events conducted worldwide to share their cases and speak about their approach towards a case.
Our surgeons have performed surgeries in India and US. We have even shared our articles and videos on facial feminization surgery to make people understand about what it is, how it helps, and other necessary details. You can browse through our entire website and come across few experiences and testimonials of past clients to know the results of the FFS.
Success results at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery
The FFS results and satisfaction stories of our clients has forced us to work harder and even better than before to provide quality services to our patients. You can check out the ‘before and after’ surgery pictures at our websites. We think that every step taken by us is a vital one to shape the desires of a patient, therefore we are always careful and use medical and logical perspective in fulfilling the patient’s needs. Our approach towards any FFS case depends on various factors and we come up with customized surgery only after consulting with the professionals. This is the reason that every patient leaves our centre feeling content and happy.
Our support towards the clients
We take pride for having a specialist group of professionals in our FFS team that includes administrators, doctors, surgeons, coordinators and even nurses who are always ready to serve at any point. Our service is available 24 x 7 so that no patient feels left out when she is at our Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery centre. To read more FFS results or stories about the surgeries you can connect with us through Skype, Facebook and Twitter, or simply stay updated at our official website.
Don’t forget to call us or mail us if you have any query to be answered, our friendly and prompt customer care service will help you at any hour of the day.


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