Jaw Feminization Surgery

Jaw Feminization Surgery

Be the Proud Owner of a Feminine Jaw

There are number of characteristic properties that accurately indicate gender of a person. While some of these are stark and instantly convincing, there are other, more subtle differences that, when implemented in an artistic manner, can create a heightened effect of femininity. One of the areas of the face where this subtle effect is observed is the jawline. The female jaw has certain subtle differences from the male jaw, and cosmetic surgeons from Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery implement several jaw feminization Surgery techniques as an integral part of our world renowned FFS expertise. With the correct jaw feminization surgery, more well-rounded, comprehensive feminine look is now possible thanks to the extensive experience, high level of patient empathy and amazingly complex procedures carried out with minimum discomfort.

The Finer Points

Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery completely understands that there are certain subtle points of difference that a female jaw has from a male jaw. The major point of difference lies in the jaw bones. Women typically have thinner and narrower bones in the jaw area as compared to men. The facial frames of women also tend to appear a little narrower at the bottom when observed from the front. Compared typically, the male jaw has a more square and broad appearance. This makes it absolutely necessary for our cosmetic surgeons to perform reduction surgery when carrying out jaw feminization surgery.

Jaw Feminization Surgery Experts

Our jaw feminization Surgery experts start off with an attempt to achieve a gradual tapering down of the jawbone from top to bottom. To achieve this, the talented cosmetic surgeon at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery usually makes an incision on the lower gum area to get access to the jawbone. This is followed by a grinding down or shaving of the ridge of the jawbone. This serves to decrease the overall height of the jaw while making the frontal facial profile softer and more elegant.

Jaw Feminization Surgery Purpose

One of the most important goals in jaw feminization surgery is to decrease or eliminate the vertex for the posterior angles of the jaw. With expert contouring of the lower third of the facial frame by our jaw feminization surgeons, the entire face perceives a much narrower appearance when viewed from upfront – a characteristic which is usually associated with the female face.

Along with operative procedure, we also help patients with the necessary pre and post operative care, rest and diet to ensure that the jaw is healed within a short period of time minus any scars or visible signs. Our Jaw feminization procedure at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery is usually carried out as the perfect companion to the more striking chin feminization surgery, in an attempt to create a balanced harmony in the transformation of the overall appearance.

Jaw feminization is a complex and nuanced process, and one that requires an especially heightened set of skills on the part of the cosmetic surgeon. Trust Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery to do the job correctly, and impart a subtle dose of femininity to your overall look of the face.

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