FFS Procedures

FFS Procedures – A Refreshing Outlook

When it comes to general appearance and forming an impression, the face is the most important part of the body. Facial elements remain certain markers about the ethnicity, gender and race of people in most countries. As there are particular facial characteristic properties which are unique to each race or ethnicity, men and women also have particular distinguishing properties about their facial structure which can instantly tell an observer about the gender of the person being observed. We at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery understand that this creates a problem for women who have too much of male characteristic properties in their faces. For people undergoing male to female gender transformation, the same problem is a serious one. In cases like these, the affected people can choose to go in for facial feminization surgery with amazing outcome only at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery.

What is FFS Procedures ?

Facial feminization surgery or FFS Procedures  is a kind of surgery which makes use of different surgical techniques and our surgeons’ versatile experience to transform the overall look and appeal of the face from a characteristically male to a characteristically female type. A number of important processes involved and the activity is full of intricacies and complexities, requiring the skilled efforts of the best cosmetic surgeons around the world. At Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery, our expert cosmetic surgeons routinely carry out FFS procedures that yield stellar results.

 FFS Procedures - Problems and Solutions
The most important factor when it comes to deciding gender through appearance is the fact that the male faces characteristically different from the female face in many ways. There are certain tell-tale characteristic properties that help people understand the gender of the person being observed. Through the use of certain time-tested techniques of cosmetic surgery, our surgeons have the ability to alter these characteristic properties in a way that provides an overall feminine look to the face. We are adept at hiding a few of the male characteristics while bringing to fore a few of the female ones.

A lot of different surgical procedures are associated with Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery’s FFS Procedures competencies. Some of the more commonly explored ones include –

  • Forehead Feminization – The forehead is one of the major points of difference between the male face and the female face. Consequently during FFS, one of the major activities carried out by the surgeon is to bring about feminization of the forehead. This is usually done by removing the brow ridge that is commonly associated with the male forehead, and by tightening the skin after removing an amount of soft tissue from underneath.
  • Cheek Feminization – The female Cheek is more full and voluminous in most cases. During FFS, Cheek feminization is one of the most important steps. It involves making the Cheek more prominent, placed higher and with proper definition to the cheekbones. The use of augmentation with implants is often adopted for this procedure.
  • Chin Feminization – It has been observed that female chins are more pointed and better defined. Reducing the chin, making it more prominent and achieving gradual tapering of the jaw are important processes in FFS Proceures.
  • Others – Other important surgical techniques used in FFS Procedures include brow lift, jaw feminization, upper lip feminization and Rhinoplasty, among others.

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