Facial Feminization Surgery in USA


Be Confident, Be Beautiful… from Within

The United States has a thriving and growing community of transgender people. For people who want to undergo the gender transformation from male to female, the journey of the transformation in itself is an important and rewarding time. It is a time of self-discovery where they get better acquainted with their new identities and start developing a feeling of self-worth. For people in the United States undergoing the gender transformation from male to female, it is also extremely important to look the part. An elegant, feminine look is something that can provide a great boost during the transformation process and bolsters a sense of identity. Even females who want to bask in the glow of feminine grace need professional help. One way to quickly achieve more feminine look is through the judicious use of facial feminization surgery in the United States.

The challenges of facial facial feminization surgery in the United States and the complicated procedures involved are well-known among cosmetic surgeons, and only the best, most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons can guarantee good results. The United States is a multicultural and multi-race country, which makes the task of accurately performing facial feminization surgery all the more difficult as each race of people have their own facial characteristics for male and female faces. In spite of all this, there are hundreds of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons in the United States who are doing exemplary work with their facial feminization surgery and providing females as well as transgenders with a way to achieve the appearance that there are looking for.

Bringing About a Positive Change

The overall facial make-up of men and women are remarkably different, with a number of inherently special characteristics that enable people to tell them apart at first glance. The aim of facial feminization surgery in the United States is to address this visual peculiarities in the faces of people undergoing gender transformation, take away any male characteristics and enhance and augment female characteristics in order to lend the faces with a more pronounced feminine look. To achieve this, cosmetic surgeons take advantage of a number of important surgical procedures, which include –

  • Forehead Reconstruction – The forehead is one of the areas of the face which is instantly indicative of whether the face belongs to a man or a woman. In men, it is usually broader and more angle and has a pronounced brow Ridge. In the course of facial feminization surgery in United States, the brow Ridge is removed and the angle of the forehead made less steep in order to provide a more feminine appearance.
  • Chin Shaving – The chain is also a major point of difference, with the female chain being more narrow and pointy. The effect is achieved with specialized surgery which shaves away excess bone and tissue from the chin area and can make use of artificial implants to improve the contour of the chin and make it more feminine.
  • Aesthetic Surgery – These surgical procedures involves hair removal, the removal of excess fat, wrinkle treatment and a complete overhaul of the facial skin to give it a more toned, elegant appearance which is characteristic in the female face.

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