Facial Feminization Surgery in South Africa

Why FFS in Africa ?

Bring Out your True Feminine Grace… Easily

South Africa is a country where many people undergo gender transformation from the male to the female gender. For transgender people who are currently part of this transformation, the times are usually from and take with a number of important questions about their self-identity and their place in the world at large looming in their minds. In these circumstances, one thing that can add to their confidence and inspire them to glide through the transformation with a better mindset is achieving a female appearance. Facial feminization surgery in South Africa can be used to aid and help along with the gender transformation procedure by providing both stark and subtle changes to their appearance of the face, taking away characteristic male predominance and replacing it with the elegant, feminine characteristics that are usually found in the faces of women.

FFS in South Africa is a combination of a number of complex, nuanced processes which take the best efforts of skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons to yield stellar results. Apart from the demands of the surgical procedures, the fact that South Africa is a land which is rich with multiple races and ethnicities makes it all the more difficult for cosmetic surgeons to achieve high-quality results. However, in the hands of the right surgeons the results of facial feminization surgery can be an integral part of the transformation process and can provide people with a more pronounced feminine look which sells them identify better with their new general choice.

FFS in South Africa Features ......

Look great, feel fantastic

The faces of men and women are markedly different in their structure and characteristics. There are a number of inherent qualities which can be instantly recognizable as part of the usual male face, whereas there are also many which are commonly associated with women. Through facial feminization surgery in South Africa, cosmetic surgeons aim to tone down the masculine aspects of a face while heightening existing feminine characteristics and creating new ones. This is accomplished through the help of many different kinds of surgery, which cater to different areas of the face including –

• The forehead, which is one of the main points of difference between the male face and the female face. While the male forehead is more angled and has a pronounced brow Ridge near the top of the eyebrows, the female forehead has a gentler curve, is less wide and does not have any pronounced bumps. Surgical procedures which remove the brow Ridge, bring down the angle and give the forehead a more polished, elegant look are a useful part of facial feminization surgery in South Africa.
• The chin, which is pointy and narrower in the female face and wider and less pronounced in the males can be dealt with using reconstruction surgery which gives it a more feminine appearance overall.
• The nose, which is usually larger, wider and more bulbous in males and longer and slender in females, can be sufficiently altered to provide a subtle dose of femininity through the use of Rhinoplasty.

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