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Our FFS Success is Driven by our Patient’s Testimonials

FFS Experience At Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery, our experience on FFS procedure has been phenomenal. Through our skills, we try to bring a positive change in the life of our patients, and we have been quite successful so far in this journey. Our rate of success majorly depends on the way our patients or clients feel after the FFS Surgery. It is not just about how they appear after the surgery, but it also involves how they feel from inside about their new look. We feel satisfied only when our clients feel satisfied about the end result. The wonderful and emotions filled experiences shared by our clients definitely motivate us to work even harder and come up with better results. We would like to share some facial feminization surgery experience(FFS Experience) shared by our clients.

    FFS Experience



I still remember the day; it was 3rd of May, 2015. Just before getting unconscious in order to undergo the procedure, the only thing that I remember are the four words from the surgeon- ‘everything is gonna be okay”. No doubt, a month before the surgery, I was quite nervous about everything related to it. I wasn’t sure that if I have taken the right decision or not.

Thankfully, the counselor at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery really helped me by taking away my worries and providing a glimpse of the life that I could probably lead after the surgery. After all, I am just 28 years old now. Since my teenage days, I was never quite happy about how I looked. The lack of feminine charm on my face always affected me in a negative way. But after the surgery, it’s been more than 3 weeks, and I am really glad that I took the right decision. I am really grateful to Dr. ABC and his team for giving me an identity I always desired for. I thank Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery not just for making me look beautiful from outside, but making me feel beautiful from inside as well.

MY FFS Experience Rachel

I am 40+, and still I miss something in life. I miss having a beautiful face, I miss men neglecting me, I miss the acceptance from the society, and I miss much more. Hence, after thinking a lot, I felt the need of Facial Feminization Surgery. I started to believe in this miracle, and stepped into Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery clinic.

I met two doctors from the clinic. During the consultation, they made me understand about every aspect in detail in a friendly way that I couldn’t say ‘No’ to them. I felt someone is holding my hands when I was going through mixed emotions. I stayed at the clinic for 3 weeks, listened to the professionals; they gave me a comfortable place to stay in, and started my treatment.

Though I believed in them, still I was nervous about the results. Until the bandages were on my face, I didn’t understand what is going on and what is going to happen. However, after completion of the entire treatment, I was surprised to see me! I was so happy that I literally cried in front of the staff. I am genuinely thankful to the team of Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery for giving me a surprising change.

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