The Benefits Far Outweigh the Cost

Not many people are blessed with perfect facial features. For instance, a woman can have muscular visage and vice versa. Though it is not a big deal when you are with your near and dear ones, but at times it’s really frustrating when you have to face the world. But, as it is said ‘every problem has a solution’; it applies in this context as well.

FFS or Facial Feminization Surgery helps or makes people figure out in the first instance that you are a lady. Yes, this procedure is absolutely possible, thanks to the surgeons, researchers, and of course modern medical technology. It is now possible to have feminine aspects on the face through reconstruction of some facial features which defines the gender of a person.

Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery – The best name for FFS at lowest cost

We at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery understand very well that our face is made of fragile  parts and the bone structures are also soft. Usually, in plastic surgeries, the experts work on the fatt issues of the face to change the structure. On the other hand, in the process of feminizing male structure, professionals work on to reconstruct every feature, be it the nose, cheek bones, chin, jaw and forehead in order to develop a face with feminine looking features.

Some of you might think that FFS surgery can be a serious deal, not just in terms of the overall look but also when it comes to the cost. To be frank, the answer is 100% yes as nothing in the world comes your way easily. Nevertheless, the cost of the entire surgery differs immensely from one surgeon to another, as the procedures involved vary as per the requirements of the patient. Furthermore, the place where the surgery is performed also plays a vital role in determining the cost. This is where Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery provide amazing value for your money with its life-altering FFS procedures.

  • Package #1: Hairline advancement, forehead contouring and eyebrow lift
  • Package #2: Hairline advancement, forehead contouring and eyebrow lift + rhinoplasty
  • Package #3: advancement, forehead contouring and eyebrow lift + rhinoplasty, major facelift, upper lip lift

The packages includes every single charge such as anaesthesia, surgeon’s fee, pre and post operation consultation fee, accommodation charges, and medical fees.

If you think you need a FFS from the finest professional surgeons in the world, then feel free to book an appointment with us. We will be happy to make your dream come true!

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