Facial Feminization Surgery in Scotland


Gain Confidence with Facial Feminization Surgery in Scotland

For people who are in the processes of a gender transformation in Scotland, it is extremely important to have a complete transformation which manifests itself not only on the sexual nature, but also on the overall appearance and manner. Male to female transgender transformation is a process fraught with its own shares of difficulties and testing times, and for people to have an easier time dealing with their new gender identities and to start developing their full personalities in a new way there is often the need for cosmetic surgery.

Facial feminization surgery in Scotland is the right way forward if people from the transgender community are seeking to alter their appearance to suit their new identity. Carried out bet by qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeons, facial feminization surgery in Scotland includes a number of different cosmetic procedures that take away characteristically male features from the face, and accentuate characteristic female features in a natural, organic manner.

At the heart of

    facial feminization surgery in Scotland

lies an innate knowledge of the common characteristics of the male face and the female face. The male face and the female face are inherently different with a number of characteristically different features – the overall cranial structure of men and women are inherently different and this is what gives rise to these highly visible and discernible visual differences on the face. The main points of difference are the forehead area, the nose area and the chin area. The angle of the jaw, the size of the upper lip and the size and volume of the cheeks also play minor parts in imparting a look that is inherently female. To achieve this, a number of surgical options can be considered.

Common Surgeries

In the course of the entire process of facial feminization in Scotland, cosmetic surgeons take advantage of a number of tried and tested cosmetic procedures. Some of the more important surgical measures that are usually employed in case of facial feminization of transgender patients include –

  • Reduction in contouring surgery for the forehead in which the brow Ridge is removed and the overall contour of the forehead made more vertical so as to be more in tune with the characteristic female appearance.
  • Contouring of the chin to make it more pointed and to decrease its overall width so as to remove a very pronounced element of masculinity which is normally associated with the chins of men.
  • Rhinoplasty nasal surgery can sometimes be used to bring about subtle difference in appearance. Female noses are usually more slender and have a gentler incline of the nasal bridge.
  • Further cosmetic surgery to improve overall appearance might include facelifts, brow lifts, upper lip enhancement, surgery to correct wrinkles and surgical procedures to remove excess fat deposits in the face and neck.

In Scotland, facial feminization surgery is a very important part of the gender transformation for people who are in the process of changing their gender from male to female. With the correct cosmetic surgery, the process can be made a lot easier.

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