Facial Feminization Surgery in Sweden

Facial Feminization Surgery in Sweden: Making the World More Beautiful Place

How would you define feminine features? Many of you would say long lashes and naturally arched eyebrows; full, pouty lips; curvaceous jawline; and perhaps smooth, rounded forehead. Most of you would not be wrong. This is how society perceives femininity.

Every person’s definition of feminine features varies, but the society definitely does not take masculine features on a woman or transgendered individual very kindly. Such people are often left with no alternative but to seek facial feminization surgery in Sweden. In fact, facial feminization surgery (FFS) is an important part of sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and transsexual male to female surgery.

Understanding FFS
FFS is not a single procedure. Rather it is a group of surgical procedures used to change masculine features into more feminine ones. Typically, this surgery is the staple of male to female transsexual and transgendered individuals. However, of late, even women, who want to get more delicate, feminine features, are opting for it.

Importance of FFS
People often form opinions and impressions based on how a person looks. The face is what people see first and based on the visual clues provided, they tend to categorize the individual and his or her gender. It is quite difficult to mask masculine-looking features or make such features more feminine. This is where facial feminization surgery in Sweden comes to the rescue.

Through evaluation and discussion, the cosmetic surgeon decides which FFS procedures a person should go through to look and appear more womanly. Sometimes just a single procedure is sufficient and other times it becomes necessary to have multiple procedures to get the desired look.

Researchers have found women, transgendered individuals and transsexuals often suffer from low self-esteem and poor self-image when they possess masculine features. These people are unable to assimilate in the society because the society, at large, has preconceived notions about femininity and doesn’t welcome masculine-looking women and transgenders with open arms. This, in turn, paves way for a whole new set of emotional and mental issues, with many such individuals suffering from depression, loneliness and complete feeling of isolation. Facial feminization surgery in Sweden helps such people overcome the obstacles that their features pose by smoothening out the masculine- or manly-looking features and making them more womanly.

Why Facial Feminization Surgery in Sweden is Expensive?

In Country like Sweden Facial Femnization Surgery is Expensive compared to countries Like India,Thailand and other Asian Countries because of cost Surgeon Fee, Hospital Infrastructure is less when comparing it to European countries that is main reason Medical Tourism have increased in Asian countries. We have lot of Patients saying the reason why they come here to undergo their surgeries

Opting for Facial Feminization Surgery
There is an art and science to facial feminization surgery. The different facial procedures a cosmetic surgeon uses is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Age of the patient
  • Ethnicity
  • Existing facial features
  • Patient’s personal goals

Based on these factors, the cosmetic surgeon lists out the procedures the patient would have to undergo. This is the reason the facial feminization surgery in Sweden varies from person to person. Usually, the forehead area, nose, jaw, chin, lips, cheeks and Adam’s apple are target areas to help a person look more feminine and womanly. However, it isn’t necessary you would have to target all these areas to get desired results.

You don’t have to get depressed with your male-looking features. Today, cosmetic surgery has advanced sufficiently to offer various procedures and techniques to help you feel and look feminine. The key is finding the right cosmetic surgeon to assist you accomplish your dreams. Do your due diligence well, as there are very few experienced and skilled surgeons who can perform facial feminization surgery in Sweden to a patient’s satisfaction.

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