All the information mentioned on this website is absolutely general in nature. It is not intended as any kind of medical advice that will apply for any or all patients.

An experienced surgeon has to be consulted for any advice on plastic or cosmetic surgery or skin rejuvenation treatment. The risks and expectations have to be understood clearly before taking any decision on undergoing the surgery or treatment.

The results of plastic and cosmetic surgery vary significantly from one patient to another. Like any other surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgeries also come with risks and side effects. While minor side effects are common, it is also possible that a few patients may face serious complications.

It is essential to verify the experience of the surgeon before undergoing the plastic or cosmetic surgery. Ask your surgeon to show you some before and after photos to get a general idea aboutthekind of results you can expect from the surgery. However, there is no guarantee that the results that you achieve will be same as those you see in the photos.

There are many factors that can impact a patient during a surgery.There are numerous variables that can vary from one patient to the other including healing capacity of the body and scarring tendency. Even if the same plastic surgeon performs all the procedures, there is no guarantee that the results of each of the procedures will be the same.

The experience of the surgeon matters a lot when it comes to the kind of results you can expect from your surgery. Nevertheless the necessary precautions will have to be taken, both by the surgeon and the patient, to prevent any complications during or after the surgery.

The surgeons at New You Cosmetic Clinic come with extensive surgical knowledge and experience. They have excellent surgical skills and are very precise in their techniques. They take every step necessary to achieve excellent outcomes in every procedure that they perform. They provide quality after-care service to make sure the scarring is minimal after the surgery.

They are very honest about the outcomes they can achieve from the surgery and make sure your expectations are realistic. They clarify all queries that you might have about the surgery and give you all the necessary information to make your decision. Right from the time of consultation, they offer you complete support at every step of your treatment.

It is important for all patients to follow the instructions given by their surgeons carefully after the surgery. This will make the healing process smooth and minimize any chances of developing complications.

The information mentioned on this website is always monitored by our team of surgeons and is updated on a regular basis. It is subject to changes at any point of time.However, this information cannot be treated as a substitute for the individual consultation session that you have with your surgeon, before undergoing your surgery.

If second or revision  surgery is needed that will be charged separately .

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