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Now You Too Can Possess an Elegant Eyebrow Sans the Ridges

The forehead and eyebrow area is one of the most important areas when it comes to identifying the gender of people purely by sight. The characteristic differences that the area has to display when it comes to male and female faces make it easy for people to tell gender by sight. Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery understands when people are trying to achieve feminization for their face, the forehead and brow area is one of the few areas that merit the most attention. Our skilled cosmetic surgeons carry out a variety of procedures to achieve facial feminization, and one of the most important and crucial among them is the feminization of the brow ridge.

The brow ridge is a characteristic that is predominantly observed in the facial structure of men. In the female face, the forehead line tends to be less angled, smoother and narrower. Men, in contrast, have higher angles, more height and more width. However, one of the most tell-tale parts of the male anatomy is the brow ridge- a bony ridge in the forehead running along the top part of the eyes. Commonly referred to as brow bossing, this is a characteristic property that is inherently absent in the female face. As an integral part of our FFS expertise, our skilled surgeons have ways to carry out brow ridge feminization by removing the brow ridge and making the contour of the forehead more constant.

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The brow ridge is what makes the general angle of the forehead steeper in men. The more the projection of the forehead bone over the vertical level of the eyes, the more masculine the face tends to look. With our superior experience at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery, our best surgeons decide on the amount of shaving or grinding down that needs to be done to achieve perfect feminization of the brew ridge depending upon the amount of overhang that the forehead bone has. Two of the most commonly used procedures which are used to retract the brow ridge during facial feminization surgery are shaving and reconstructive surgery. The brow ridge is actually a kind of external shell of bone that covers the frontal sinuses. In the shaving procedure, this frontal shell is gradually ground down or shaved off. The only limit in the procedure is that the shaving process can only go on till the frontal sinuses themselves are reached.

In cases where this degree of removal of the brow ridge is not enough, the surgeons at Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery usually opt for reconstructive surgery. This creates a reconstructed forehead which is placed in a position more towards the rear than before. Through the use of this technique, the brow ridge can be successfully feminized as close to the acceptable standards of a female face as possible.

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